Machine Learning with databot 2.0 and Python

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This course will guide you through an overview of machine learning, a few examples, and applying this knowledge to make predictions with databot sensors. You will learn some of the basics such as features and targets/labels, creating training and testing datasets, and applying a machine learning model to the datasets.

In addition, you will use a Jupyter Notebook to work through an example of applying the machine learning process to a Titanic dataset, which is a useful dataset for those new to machine learning. Using this data, you will be able to make predictions on survivability based on passenger features such as age and gender.

You will also get to drive an 8-bit car with your keyboard and work to keep the car on the road. Think of an old school 8 bit video game! The data from this example will then be used to train a model and autonomously drive the car. It's a very fun, informative, and engaging example!

A detailed lesson on Pandas is included in this course. Pandas is a very powerful tool used in machine learning to manipulate data, prepare it for training, and create plots. It's an essential tool in any ML developer's toolbox.

Lastly, building on all of this knowledge you will then install the databot-py pip package and get to work exploring databot's sensors over a Bluetooth connection. You will save sensor data to file, train a model, and then make predictions using real hardware!

We're excited to have you come along on this journey and dive into maching learning with your instructor, Pat Ryan!

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Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan got his first computer, an Apple IIe plus, while in high school and fell in love with programming. Today he is VP/Chief Architect for SPR Consulting in Chicago and still programs everyday.

Pat has worked on projects that range from the very first in-vehicle navigation systems to working on some of the first online Universities to clinical decision support tools that help guide some of the most prestigious medical clinics in the world.

Pat’s passion is to work on projects that matter and to help teach people the joy of programming. There is nothing more exciting than to work on a program that will control a car, or a robot or a drone.

Pat graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Electrical Engineering and holds a MS in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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