The DroneBlocks Simulator

Learn how to simulate and test your code with a virtual Tello drone

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In many cases it's beneficial to simulate your code before testing on Tello. In the world of mobile apps, simulators allow developers to test functionality on a virtual phone before deploying to a physical device. This can prove useful in many ways and can allow bugs to be discovered early in the development lifecycle.

We created the DroneBlocks Simulator to enable users to develop and test code in an easy manner. The simulator provides a virtual Tello drone that acts very similar to Tello in the real world. This course walks users through the capabilities of the simulator and provides tips to ensure success before code is executed on the physical drone. You will learn all about the simulator interface, how to test your code, and even fly Tello through a virtual obstacle course.

It's important to note that even though simulation has many benefits, it's not a replacement for running code your code on a real Tello drone. Simulation cannot reproduce many of the physical challenges you'll face in the real world such as wind, poor lighting, limited battery life, and many of the other factors that impact Tello's performance.

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Dennis Baldwin

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