Advanced Tello Programming with Python 3 and OpenCV - Course 1/3

Setting up your Python 3 & OpenCV Programming Environment

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This course is the first of a three course series where Pat Ryan introduces advanced Python programming using OpenCV and DJITelloPy for Tello control. All code for this course is located in the following GitHub repository:

The following lessons are included in this course:

  • Lesson 1 - Verify your Python 3 installation, download the project code from GitHub, creating a Python virtual environment, activating your Python virtual environment
  • Lesson 2 - Use pip to install OpenCV, DJITelloPy, Jupyter Notebook, opening the Jupyter Notebook provided with the project code
  • Lesson 3 - Use the included Jupyter Notebook to control Tello's flight by executing cells in the Notebook
  • Lesson 4 - Use OpenCV to access Tello's video feed, view video feed while flying around, control Tello with keyboard commands
  • Lesson 5 - Learn about the DroneBlocks Tello Script Runner, execute a user supplied script, learn how to create your own custom script

Pat uses a Mac environment for this course, but Windows is very similar. Beneath each video is a callout for Windows specific commands. Stay tuned for upcoming courses in this series that cover Aruco markers and face tracking! If you have any questions about the course please post them in our community forums. You can do that by going here:

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in the course!

Your Instructor

Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan got his first computer, an Apple IIe plus, while in high school and fell in love with programming. Today he is VP/Chief Architect for SPR Consulting in Chicago and still programs everyday.

Pat has worked on projects that range from the very first in-vehicle navigation systems to working on some of the first online Universities to clinical decision support tools that help guide some of the most prestigious medical clinics in the world.

Pat’s passion is to work on projects that matter and to help teach people the joy of programming. There is nothing more exciting than to work on a program that will control a car, or a robot or a drone.

Pat graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Electrical Engineering and holds a MS in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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